About Us

Flow Networks is a tech company that specializes in Guest WiFi, Location Analytics, Customer Engagement, and Digital Transformation.

While customers enjoy a seamless WiFi experience Flow Networks passively builds complete profiles on them by collecting valuable information such as their name, gender, age, email addresses, telephone numbers, and social media handles. We identify which social media platforms customers most often frequent so a business knows which is the best way to engage them and where best to spend their marketing budget.


Location Analytics allows a business to gain valuable insight into customer behaviour inside a location. Our clients can see how often a customer visits their location, whether they are new or returning, footfall, dwell time, churn, hot and cold spots, and much more. We also use Geo-Fencing to communicate with customers and drop virtual boundaries over competition locations to retain customer loyalty.


All of this data is invaluable to a business as it allows it to send out timely promotions, surveys and newsletters to customers anytime they want to. Our clients can also drive app downloads, increase their social media presence, and enhance their online reputation.


Our powerful automation engine can trigger processes based on a customer’s unique profile, actions, or inactions. Our clients have the ability to send a targeted email, SMS or WhatsApp message to an individual customer or group of customers based on specific parameters as well as when a customer arrives or leaves a location. Our clients can also add or remove a customer from a specific list or trigger a process in their supply chain. By seamlessly integrating with thousands of 3rd party applications the possibilities become truly endless.


Armed with the above our clients can make more informed business decisions, because understanding customer habits is vital to becoming a customer-centric organization. 


Through Digital Transformation, Flow Networks bridges the gap between brick and mortar and online, which is fast becoming a necessity for businesses to survive.



Jack Salmon

"After installing Social WiFi Hotspots in Jack Salmon, we noticed a definite increase in good Google reviews and the fact that we don't need to keep changing wifi passwords

makes this a no brainer for us.

Michael P - GM

Pot & Kettle

" I just love the automation, as a restaurant owner I struggle to find the time to send our news letters and promotions. With Flow Connect that's all taken care of. "

Heidi De Witt - Owner

17 on Osborn 

"Our loyal customers love the free WiFi and we're so happy with the data that Flow Connect has collected for us, especially during COVID-19, because our tenants have been communicating with their customers throughout. It's been a total game changer and a service I would recommend to any business trying to make it through these tough times. 

Simon T - Director