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Get your free 50GB LTE Data SIM card 


Fixed LTE connectivity for your home.

Simple and easy, self-installed in-home connectivity that`s perfect for streaming all your favorite shows.

No Fibre or Landline Needed

A great connectivity solution for those who don't have access to ADSL or Fibre-to-the Home connectivity.

Move It With You

Because your LTE device does not require a telephone line, you can move it from home-to-home, provided you are within an LTE covered area.

Just Plug-in & Play

Don't wait around for an installation. As soon as your router is delivered and your service is activated, you'll have Internet connectivity.

Connect Multiple Users At A Time

Our range of LTE Routers provides a stable WiFi hotspot that can connect multiple users simultaneously without compromising speed.


*STREAM 50 Hours of  Video

*dependant on resolution - 50 hours @ SD resolution