Introducing Social Powered

WiFi Hot-spots.

A revolutionary new way to get to know and

engage with your customers.

 "Knowledge drives innovation, innovation drives productivity, productivity drives economic growth.“ 

   William Ralph Brody - President of The Johns Hopkins University 2009


Connecting your customers to WiFi...
Connecting you to your Customers

Today’s customers don’t give praise when businesses offer WiFi, rather they have come to expect it.

From your home to your gym to your dentist, WiFi is everywhere.

Offering a WiFi hot-spot to customers can help build loyalty and boost sales,

but if it’s not done correctly, it can backfire becoming a liability.

Flow Connect  puts your WiFi to work, giving you a return on investment by

ensuring your guests receive a seamless WiFi experience

whilst giving you the power to connect with them how and when you want.


Hotspot Management

Limit bandwidth, Session Times

URL Filtering, No Passwords

Separate Guest & Business Networks

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Marketing & Automation 

Our powerful automation engine allows you to send targeted messages to your clients, triggered in real time or after they have left your establishment

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API Integrations

Purple integrates with all your favourite marketing platforms, email auto-responders, CRM and much more

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Branded Splash Pages

Create beautiful custom branded landing pages. It's your brand your way.  Place your own adverts or sell space to your suppliers

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Analytics & Guest CRM

The ultimate suite of real-time Wi-Fi analytics and data streams.

View LIVE activity of connected

Wi-Fi Guests, timeline history, demographics, visitor trends and more

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Hardware & Installations

We offer plug and play solutions or our system will integrate with your existing access points

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Data Collection

Turn your WiFi hot-spot into a powerful lead generating machine and automatically collect your customers' contact details

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Presence Analytics

Presence analytics tells you a great deal about the traffic in and around your business, view number of passersby, visitors, and connected customers

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Packages & Pricing

Regardless of what solution you are looking for we have a package to suite your requirements

Social WiFi
Purple turns your guest WiFi into a powerful lead generating machine, 
capturing your customers contact details and automatically engaging them
in real time or long after they have left your business.

Guest WiFi and analytics for your physical space - 90 second edit

Guest WiFi and analytics for your physical space - 90 second edit

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WiFi Device Management 

Flow Connect puts you in full control of your WiFi, giving your guests a seamless experience while at the same time giving you the peace-of-mind that your business data is kept secure.

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Network Security

Separate your Guest WiFi from your business WiFi and keep your important data and

systems safe

Wifi icon-timed wifi access.png

Timed Access

Give your users access for a limited time period and charge for extra time if you choose.


Wifi icon-bandwidth throttling.png

Bandwidth Control

Specify the amount of bandwidth each guest can use and ensure everyone enjoys a seamless WiFi experience

Wifi icon-social login options.png

No Passwords

Your customers login via any of their social media accounts or with an email address.


Device Management

With cloud access to your WiFi router, you have full control from anywhere, block users, peak at user usage and more

website filter.png

Website Filtering

Block users from accessing inappropriate websites or from downloading torrents.

Seamless WiFi

Flow Connect puts you in full control of your WiFi, giving your guests a seamless experience while at the same time giving you peace-of-mind that your business data is kept secure.



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Your Brand, Your Way

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Custom Splash Pages

Our system designs beautiful splash pages 

which your customers use to login to your guest WiFi.

No more hassles with passwords.


Powerful Marketing Platform

Engage your customers and gain valuable marketing data,

run contests, promotions and special offers.

Real-Time Engagement

& Social Sharing

Wi-Fi Loyalty

& Coupons

Mobile Contests 

& Lead Generation

Customer Feedback


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Get 70% More TripAdvisor Reviews*

*TripAdvisor Internal Data, 2017.

Restaurants using Social WiFi saw an average of 70% more reviews 

and a 20% growth in revenue...


It's called the "Network Effect"

The Network Effect is a virtuous circle of growth where more and better reviews lead to more customers who then deliver more reviews.

Advanced Marketing Automation

Our powerful automation engine with built in campaign scheduler allows you to create powerful marketing campaigns with timed triggers, great for promotions and recurring events.


Campaign Scheduler  

Create beautiful targeted campaigns with messages set to fire when you want,

with set & forget features your time is freed up allowing you to

get on with more important things. 

Marketing Automation.png











Grow Your Database

Turn your WiFi Hot-spot into a lead generation machine,

offer your guests free WiFi and legally capture their  contact details.

View live activity of connected WiFi guests, timeline history, demographics,

visitor trends and more.


3rd Party Integration

We've made it easy to integrate with all your favourite apps and services,

no more duplication.


Hardware & Installations

Flow Networks specialises in setting up wireless networks.

 Our plug & play hardware is ideal for businesses who want to offer their customers a free guest WiFi service. We also integrate with your existing WiFi hardware. Contact us for a free consultation.

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Packages & Pricing

Whether you're a small coffee shop or a large shopping mall we can help you connect with your customers more effectively, increasing their lifetime value.

Select one of our packages below or speak to a consultant to have a custom package designed to your specific requirements.


Guest WiFi

Offer your guests a seamless

WiFi service.

Advertise in real-time with branded splash pages and provide social login options.

from R 250 pm

Social WiFi

Offer your guests a seamless WiFi service +

Marketing Automation and  WiFi Analytics.

Identify, Analyse, Engage, Automate!

from R 499 pm

Multi Location

More than one site or more than 4 access points, for large or multiple locations.

Price on request


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